1Biennale Meets IMMERSIVIA

Another big step into the future by keeping the present alive so it will become history.

I offered the HG Business Readers and upcoming magazine UPSIDER a pre-review of the booklet to come. You surely are such a reader … just a click away … so you shall get it


TODAY: MARCH 15, 2018

Time to log in to Second Life and to come. Rumors say the Linden Lab servers getting once more bypassed by MARE NOSTRUM. So be in time as the show will start at Noon California time.




The Journey Begins

“We have no reason to assume that either predictability or lack of predictability has anything to say about free will.” ~ William Egginton [in 2010]
“I don’t agree on this.” ~ Art Blue [in 2018]



In 2010, when William Egginton, Professor in the Humanities at the Johns Hopkins University published his article Artificial Intelligence was more fiction than reality.

We will act as Avatars, we already do.

“The concept is more important than the execution” is stated for Modern Art in Digital times. This will become valid for our thoughts. Only fitting thoughts will go to execution, will become reality, will pass the AI that will run in us to support us, the society.



Our society, the new us, will be determined by China. “We are one” ~ China. One party, one vote, one destiny.

To be national seems more and more to be smart: BREXIT, TRUMP, PUTIN, LE PEN. We go back to the past, there is the future.

But why worry? There is Blue! Coded Blue. Read the Sand Bible, meet the Busy Beavers in the Libyan Dunes, claim Free Will!