Stiftung Kunstinformatik invites you to a journey into the WORLD OF CODE, THE CODED WORLD. What the journey will be about you have to see, to feel, to embrace. It is the world of the user, not the maker. Users will become makers, so maybe it is all about the makers?


1986 is the past. The first computer artworks by Art Blue on a DOT-screen with a XGA graphics card, the first one supporting 1024×768 pixel and 4.096 colors. Before this time Art Blue worked on plotter art and made drawings on CRT-tubes and microfiche.  Also past.

The title that has been published in Experiment Design: Machines on their way to work. That is not the past! That is the future.

So welcome to the future, welcome today:


Later on, we traveled to the world of Gem Preiz DEMIURGE at LEA29. There we saw an architectural outlet of the Past, the Present and the Future.

We all live in a coded world.